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Range of activities





  • time-limited psychotherapy

  • psychoanalytic psychotherapy

For children, young persons an adults individual and group therapy.

  • relaxation techniques (autogenic training, progressive muscle relaxation according to Jacobsen)

  • couple therapy

Treatment priorities for instance:

  • eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia)

  • psychotherapy in case of cancer

  • headache, children and young persons with migraine

  • burnout


Couple therapy: only for self-payers, as couple and family therapy are not considered as reimbursable, either by public or by private health insurance scheme




Natural medecine

  • phytotherapy, homeopathy

  • traditional Chinese medecine

  • diagnostic

  • acupuncture

  • moxa-therapy

  • skull-acupuncture according to Yamamoto

  • Note:
    Education at the German Medical Society for Acupuncture (Deutsche Ärztegesellschaft für Akupunktur) with diploma.

Reimbursability of natural medecine treatments in my consulting room:

  • As a general rule, private health insurance schemes reimburse the full amount of treatments. In case of acupuncture treatments, previous authorization should be asked for.

  • Public health insurance schemes do not reimburse natural medecine treatments, with the exception of a proportionate refund for acupuncture treatments. But it requires a detailed doctor's report as well as chronic pain-symptoms. Here as well, a previous authorization should be asked for.





Acknowledged further training as Doctor for Psychotherapy with the additional designation "psychotherapy":

  • Balint groups (group manager of the German Balint Society):
    individual and group self-awareness (for doctors and psychologists)

  • supervision of individual and group psychotherapy (for doctors and psychologists)

  • team supervision inside and outside the clinic

  • examination (IMB)

  • lecturing

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